Brake Rotor Soap  The only soap specifically formulated for rotor washing.
by GWR Products 

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Brake Soap is a TM of GWR Products 

Our Biodegradable, Nontoxic, "Proprietary Formula" was created specifically for washing metal parts such as brake rotors and drums.  As has been proven in dozens of tests, conducted at every major brake pad manufacturer... "any time you install new pads on a machined rotor or drum, you must wash the metal surfaces with soap and water to remove the fine, embedded metal particles clinging to their surfaces."  This can't be done with brake cleaning sprays or the like, since they have no detergent or surfactant action to deep clean the pores and surface imperfections. The fact is, about 20% to 30% of the metal attracted to a surface being turned will remain after a spray cleaning, yet only 2% to maybe 5% remains after a soap and H2O scrubbing. Why?  Because the scrubbing will demagnetize the surface and allow the embedded particulate to dislodge and float away.  The metal dust is actually pulled out, molecularly encapsulated by the soaps surfactant and then held in suspension until it's carried away by gravity and fresh water rinsing.

Please remember that you can’t use just any "under the kitchen counter or bathroom soap" for this purpose.  Nearly every hand or dishwashing soap contains lanolin or perfume or worse and these items will leave residues that affect the break in (burnishing) of a new set of pads.  Additionally, the formula must be based on a non petroleum carrier with no oily "after" residue! (i.e. parts cleaner type washing tank systems)

You can be confident that GWR's brake soap is the right choice for servicing all your brake installations... it was formulated specifically for the job.  It is also priced right, at a cost of only pennies per rotor or drum.  Specify GWR Brake Soap when you order your pads, or contact us to order a box of 10 bags so you can get on the fast tract to cleaner rotors.  Laboratory testing has additionally proven a brake system’s final torque (FEI, BEEP, COF, etc) can be increased by as much as 10%, when metal surfaces are washed and conditioned before burnishing a new set of friction (pads or shoes).

GWR Brake Soap is manufactured, granulated, then packed in small plastic bags for easy use in service centers, etc.  For distribution, they are packed 10 bags to a small cardboard box and have a suggested shop price of 49˘ each.  The individual pack is mixed with about 2 gallons of clean water and the mixture will generally service dozens of rotors or drums.  If you are a shop owner, you will be especially interested in the fact that this system is very economical since the final cost per rotor is only about 2˘ each (based on about 25 rotors per bag).  That is substantially cheaper than conventional brake cleaners, but more importantly, every rotor or drum starts out cleaner and is therefore more apt to properly burnish a new set of pads.  And when that occurs, noise is virtually eliminated! 


Due to overwhelming demand, GWR now packages Brake-Soap in bulk 4 pound tubs, for easier use and a more economical price per individual application.

You can wash 1000 to 1500 rotors for just $29.95,
that's only .01˘ to .02˘ each.

Be careful comparing that price to your Brake-Clean consumption...
you're liable to have a heart attack!

Remember, when you use the entire GWR system... we actually guarantee zero noise or comebacks!  Please check out the only OE Approved Step by Step procedure at the above link.

Please call 1(800) 266-4497 for more information